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Law Notes

Parents - Do you know where your children are?

You think you had a bad day! Cheryl Rothering came home one day to learn that her child had been involved in a drive-by shooting. The victim was shot at point blank range with a shotgun causing extensive damage. If that was not enough to cope with, Ms. Rothering later received legal papers in the mail.
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Keep off of my Land

What can happen if you intentionally trespass on someone's land after being warned not to do so? Just ask Steenberg Homes, Inc. A fellow purchased a mobile home from Steenberg Homes. He requested the mobile home be delivered to a remote site in the woods. The only pathway to the remote site was a snow-covered road with a very sharp turn.
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It Couldn't Happen Here - Or Could it?

If you think Al Gore has it bad, listen to this story about poor Gerald Shroble. Jerry ran for Walworth County Supervisor in 1992 against Norman Prusener. I do not know Jerry or Norm, nor do I know their party affiliation. At any rate, after the votes were counted, it was determined that Norm won by twenty-four votes.
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Here's a Tart Situation

Kerry Dieter and Donna Hermes purchased a new Dodge vehicle from a Dodge dealer in Milwaukee. They asked to have some accessories installed, specifically a tonneau cover, bug shield and rust proofing. When Kerry and Donna went to pick up their vehicle, they noticed some scratches on the vehicle as a result of the accessory installation.
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Whose Land Is It?

In 1995, Ray and Betty Harwick bought a piece of land. At the time they purchased the land, they knew their neighbor's garage was sitting partially on the land they purchased. Sometime later, the Harwicks wanted to put in a driveway that slightly encroached on their neighbor's land. The neighbor initially agreed and then later said no.
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Say it Ain't So

A fellow by the name of Todd was sitting around watching TV with some buddies one day when the news reported that Todd was wanted for the attempted murder of a young fellow and that Todd was considered armed and dangerous. It seems this young fellow called the police and reported that Todd showed up at his house looking for the young fellow's sister.
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Raise your hand if the only reason you are reading this article is because I put the word "breasts" at the top. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I should be ashamed for such a cheap ploy to grab attention, but this is important information.
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State v. Reitter

In State v. Reitter, 227 Wis.2d 313, the issue was whether a police officer was required to advise an arrested defendant, charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, that the right to counsel does not apply to the administration of a chemical test under Wisconsin's implied consent statute.
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Crimes and Fines

Every so often while perusing our state laws, I find some statutes that are interesting. In Wisconsin, there are two classifications of crimes, misdemeanors and felonies. A crime is conduct which is prohibited by state law and is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both. An activity which is prohibited by state law but is only punishable by a forfeiture is not a crime. However, it can still hurt the pocketbook.
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Are you kidding me?

Tell me if this would have happened in 1950. Brian Peters entered a Menards store in La Crosse, Wisconsin. A security guard saw Brian take a drill and put it in his shopping cart. Brian took the drill into the lumberyard and put the drill in the back seat of his truck.
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