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Dog Bite

Dog bites can be devastating injuries. All too often, children are bit in the face while stooping down to pet a dog or cuddle with them. The injuries can be devastating and traumatic.

Scott has handled numerous dog bite cases and recently obtained a verdict of $150,000 for a child that had about a 1 ½ inch scar on her forehead and a puncture wound under the nose from the dog’s incisor tooth. It is critical in dog bite cases to immediately photograph the scene and the dog if possible. It is also tremendously important to take photographs of the injury on a daily basis until it is healed.

Insurance coverage is critical in dog bite cases and must be immediately investigated. Please contact Scott so he can begin the process of obtaining coverage for your medical bills and pain and suffering. It is also important to note that there are statutory provisions regarding dog bite cases which allow for double damages in certain circumstances. Again, please give Scott a call in Milton, Wisconsin at 608 352 3366 or email Scott at .

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